Bisgear 16 Pcs Camping Cookware

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    Vendedor: Bisgear

    Shipping Weight: 1.6 lb

    You Won't Feel Hungry with Bisgear Camping Cookware Set

    1. Aluminum oxide material selected, internal surface material non-toxic and wear-resistant, the pots are fast in heat conduction, and most of the purchasers commented that to boil a full pot of water took less than 4 minutes.
    2. High temperatures resistant folding handle design, easy to take and save your space.
    3. A set of pots are multipurpose, satisfying the requirement of cooking heartedly at home or picnic, frying, stir-frying, boiling or frying.
    4. Easy to use, just a few minutes will be able to cook a variety of dishes.
    5. Lightweight & small, suitable for 1-2 people to use (please notice the size).

    Notice of Using and Maintaing

    1. When using the pot, please put the stove and pot in an even place for safety. Best to use canister stand tripod (Green Set Included it).
    2. It is common that the pots have non-stick coating, therefore, please keep in mind that don’t scrape the coating with metal or things hard, or the coating shedding might occur and shorten the service life of the pots.
    3. Long time heating the empty pots is strictly prohibited or the service life of pots affected.
    4. Frequently clean the pots free of food contact, like pot handle, pot stand and the external surface, so the pot clean and free of tarnish.
    5. After each use, clean the pot, wash it then wipe it, and keep it clean.
    6. The pot will not change in color unless overheating the pot when the external surface of the pot has oil stain or seasoner stains, the heated pot might become yellow or black. Clean the external surface of the pot timely with cleanser, the pot will change back to its original color.
    7. After cleaning the pot, the surface of the water must be dry, and then place in a dry place.
    Please Notice: Green Cookware is different from the Orange/Black one. The green cookware has 12pcs, black and orange one has 16pcs. Wine opener and Canister Stand Tripod is not included in orange and black.