AMS Bulk Density Soil Sampling Kits

Ref: AMS-400.84
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  • Colecciones: Augers & Soil Samplers

    Vendedor: AMS

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    This unique sampling kit comes with everything necessary to take accurate interval specific core samples to a depth of 3 ft. The kit is ideal for sampling the soil surface, in auger holes or in profile pits. The Soil Sample Rings found in this kit are made from .062w SST tubing. These SST sample rings are ideal for laboratory studies and for undisturbed core samples. The volume of each 2 x 2” SST ring is 90.59 cubic centimeters. From this known volume and the weight of the sample liner, you will be able to calculate the bulk density of the soil sample. *An accurate determination of bulk density starts with proper sampling technique to ensure that the sample collected represents the soils natural condition.


    • Standard AMS Core samplers have a 1”+ gap between the tip of the core sampler and where the sample liner internal shelf begins. The sampler included in this kit has a much shorter 5/16” gap which provides a more representative core and reduces compaction as the soil enters the sampler.
    • Liners and core sampler are held to extremely tight tolerances.
    • Core Sampler Cap has a built in waste barrel which provides a full 2” of relief. This helps eliminate compaction from overdriving the sampler. It also eliminates the need to load multiple rings inside the sampler, which can cause sample blow by and skew sample calculations.


    Kit includes

    Core sampler cup, core sampler cap, hammer head cross handle or compact slide hammer attachment, 2-1/2” open face auger, 2-3/4” regular soil bucket auger, 2-3/4” planer auger, 2ft. extension rod, 18” rubber coated cross handle, 2” x 2” stainless steel rings (25) with their own aluminum carrying case w/ foam inserts, 2” plastic end caps (50), adjustable wrenches (2), auger cleanout tool, nylon cleaning brush, impact absorbing hammer, AMS deluxe carrying case with handles and wheels for added portability.