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Screw Cap Vials x 12 u


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  • Glass vials are essential for the collection and storage of small specimens and those stored in alcohol. BioQuip offers three types of vials (shell, patent lip and screw cap) in a variety of sizes to meet individual requirements and preferences.

    Screw cap vials are made of borosilicate glass tubing, and are annealed in special retempering ovens to eliminate internal strains and assure full mechanical strength.

    Black phenolic caps, with either pulp and vinyl lining, or Polyseal (‘P’) lining, are included in prices of screw cap vials. Caps with a ‘P’ designation following the catalog number feature an interior polyethylene liner which projects into the mouth of the vial and provides a double seal when screwed tightly. This liner virtually eliminates evaporation of alcohol in vials, thus reducing time required for collection maintenance.

    Vials are priced in quantities of one dozen. Orders for 12 dozen or more vials are bulk packed. Packaging in dozen quantities is available only if specified on the order.

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    Vendedor: BioQuip

    Shipping Weight: 8.0 oz