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Super Talon Ultra Animal Catcher - Discontinued

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    Colecciones: Other Traps

    Vendedor: Advanced Weapons Technology

    Shipping Weight: 20.0 lb

    Note: This device was discontinued. We are offering actually the Magnet Animal Catcher.

    This device allows you to launch a net in order to catch an animal. Ideal for capturing birds and mammals in zoos and the field. The Super Talon device was used for the large spillover caused by BP in United States, allowing to save many animal lives. Now it will be easier and even you are able to research the animal you've never thought to capture.


    Each net is equipped with a series of steel grapples that lock the net around the animal to be captured making it virtually impossible for it to shake off the net or run far, ideal for mammals. Also available in 2, 4 and 6 inches without grapples, ideal for animals like birds. You can choose the 4 launchers in the kit. The extend reach and high power projection of the net from the launcher makes it possible to catch the fastest animals “on the fly.” It’s no longer necessary to corner the prey, to hurt it and to stress the animal out in long chases. In many cases the animal just surrenders to the covering net without fighting or entangling itself.

    Download the Super Talon Ultra manual.

    All packed in a sturdy, metal container with impact foam insert.

    • The Ideal System for:
      - Capturing feral animals
      - Bringing canines under control
      - Capturing wildlife
      - Providing long range capture of skittish animals
      - Allowing long reach capture of moving prey
      - Humane containment of one or more animals
    • - Super Talon (1)
      - Preloaded and Refillable Net Heads - Launchers (4 - You choose the heads)
      - Compressed Air Cartridges (20)
      - Case
    • None
    • - Compressed Air Cartridges
      Talon Ultra Launchers