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Pettersson Ultrasound Detector USB Microphones Serie 500

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    Vendedor: Pettersson Elektronik

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    The M500 and M500-384 USB Ultrasound Microphones enables you to make high-quality, full spectrum recordings of bat calls or other ultrasonic signals.

    The M500-384 uses standard sound device drivers and does not require installation of any custom drivers. It works with a wide variety of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, using the sound recording software of your choice, with iOS or windows operating system. 

    The M500 microphone is easily used with a tablet, computer or laptop, using the sound recording software of your choice, with windows operating system. 

    Both microphones come in a slim and durable aluminium enclosure and utilizes the same advanced electret microphone technology as the well-known D500X detector. Low-noise technology, high sampling frequency and efficient anti-aliasing filter provide highest quality recordings.

    They can be used both in directional and omni-directional modes (with or without the directional horn).

    The M500-384 is the ideal choice if you intend to use your smartphone for ultrasound recording. Also consider this model if you need to be independent of a specific OS or software. The software you choose to use must support recording at 384 kHz. Works with Android, Linux (Ubuntu), OS X, iOS or Windows. Please verify the hardware/software compatibility and that 384 kHz recording is supported. Certain smartphones/tablets – particularly low-end devices – have been found not to support USB audio at 384 kHz.

    The M500-384 is of course compatible with the BatSound and BatSound Touch software. Some other recommended software for various operating systems include Audacity (Windows, macOS, Linux), Ultrasonic Analyzer (iOS) and Bat Recorder (Android). Please refer to the respective software manufacturer for information about the software features and the system requirements.

    The M500 comes with a free ‘Lite’ version of the easy-to-use BatSound Touch recording program that saves the recordings as 16 bit wav files. Real-time display of the waveform and the spectrogram as well as real-time monitoring of the bat calls are also available. The program offers various triggering modes; manual and automatic, with or without pretrigger, level triggered or frequency triggered operation.

    A 0.5 m USB (type-A to mini-B) cable is included. USB cables of type mini-B to micro-B/OTG and mini-B to USB-C, suitable for use with smartphones or tablets, can be purchased separately.

    The picture shows the M500-384 with an Android smartphone, running the Bat Recorder app, available at Google Play. Please note that the smartphone and cable are only shown as reference. The smartphone is not included with the M500-384 and the supplied cable is a USB Mini-B/USB-A type.


    •   M500 M500-384
      Weight 60 g
      Dimensions 43 × 114 × 13 mm
      Microphone Advanced electret
      Sampling Frequency 500 kHz 384 kHz
      ADC resolution 16 bits
      Frequency Range 10 kHz – 210 kHz 10 kHz – 160 kHz
      Interface USB 2.0, high speed, OTG/host USB 2.0, full speed, OTG/host
      Anti-aliasing Filter 8th order, 210 kHz 8th order, 160 kHz
      Real-time Monitoring Through the PC sound card (down-sampling) N/A
      Power USB bus powered
      Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, tablet, pc or laptop. iOS or Windows, smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop
      • Microphone (1)
      • USB Cable Mini-B/USB-A type (1)
      • Mobile, Table, Computer, Recorder.
      • None