Water & Sediment Samplers

Wildco Kemmerer Water Sampler Vertical Acrylic TT PU

Ref: WILD-1510-A45
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    Vendor: Wildco

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    Water sampler only require a messenger (3-45-B10) and line (3-62-C15) for operation. SOLD SEPARATELY (here also available in kits).

    • All plastic construction.
    • Clear acrylic main tube.
    • PVC center shaft.
    • Not ideal for trace metal or organic analysis.
    • Polyurethane seals for general sampling.
    • Large range of sizes - 1.2 to 8.2 Liters.

    These Kemmerer water samplers have no metal parts to contact your sample. Delrin fasteners and an O ring replace the stainless steel garter spring in the All-Angle™ trip head. The bottle body can be either transparent acrylic, which allows you to view your sample before removal, or opaque PVC for greater durability. The all-plastic center shaft is made of plastic CPVC with a plastic delrin nut on its bottom.

    These samplers are designed for general sampling only and are not suitable for trace metal or organic analysis due to the potential for contamination (i.e. mercury and phosphorus) by the materials in the sampler's construction. For trace metal and organic analysis, choose our silicone Kemmerers, PTFE Kemmerer, or Van Dorn Beta Bottle.

    The end seals mount like a tire on a hub and are easy to replace. The end seals should not be sealed, seated, or fully closed during storage. Although made of tough elastomers, they have a tendency to take a set during long periods of inactivity and stress. For this reason, store your Kemmerer with the seals slightly open and not touching the bottle body.

    A thermometer can be mounted inside acrylic Kemmerer bottles, please call for information.

    NOTE: Volume may vary slightly. It is recommended that you verify the exact volume of your bottle prior to use.