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Enthos Butterfly Bait Trap

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    Vendor: Enthos

    Shipping Weight: 2.5 lb

    These butterfly bait traps fit easily into backpacks for field trips. They are lightweight, .68 lb. (310 grams), and extremely small, 8.3" diameter by 2" thick (21 x 5 cm) when collapsed. Traps are made of 96 x 26 mesh polyester netting. They are 39.3" tall (100 cm) with full-length (~90 cm) zippered side opening for removal of captured butterflies. They are held open by rings 15" in diameter (38 cm) at top and bottom of the black cylinder.

    The 1422 cone trap has a white funnel with 4" diameter (10 cm) opening. The 1423 tropical bait trap has no cone or lip at the bottom to prevent butterflies from escaping.

    A removable bait tray is supplied for these traps. It hangs from ABS plastic hooks underneath the trap cylinder. If hooked correctly, this tray is wind resistant and does not come off the bait trap easily. To hook the tray to the cylinder, pass the hook through the hole in the tray so the open part of the hook is outside the tray.

    A 3.1" (8 cm) skirt is sewn to the bottom. It can be folded up to adjust the gap between bait tray and bottom entrance as required. For a larger landing platform, simply attach cardboard or hard plastic sheeting (not provided) to bottom of the tray.

    A nylon carrying bag is supplied.