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24 ml
Visible Implant Elastomer Tags (VIE) from $45.00
Combined Plate Chamber (Utermöhl-Chamber)
Combined Plate Chamber (Utermöhl-Chamber) from $100.00
10 g
Pesola LightLine Spring Scales from $32.25
Dial Fiberglass Calipers 6" or 150 mm from $45.85

Field-Flex Bound Notebooks from $4.95
Top-Spiral Notebooks from $3.95
Digital Fiberglass Caliper 6"/150 mm
Digital Fiberglass Caliper 6"/150 mm $81.70
Folding Sherman Traps
Folding Sherman Traps from $22.50

Geological Bound Book & Kit
Geological Bound Book & Kit from $21.95
Mechanical Flowmeter GO Environmental
Mechanical Flowmeter GO Environmental from $165.00
60 g
Pesola MicroLine Spring Scales from $47.95
Birdwatching in Colombia
Birdwatching in Colombia $25.99 $32.99

Flowatch Flowmeter / Anemometer
Flowatch Flowmeter / Anemometer $445.95
Photodegradable Flagging
Photodegradable Flagging $2.60
Side-Spiral Notebooks from $4.25
Tangara de Colombia
Tangara de Colombia $65.00

A Guide to the Birds of Colombia
A Guide to the Birds of Colombia from $59.99
Animal Dissection Kit
Animal Dissection Kit $11.50
Audubon Bird Call
Audubon Bird Call $8.95 $9.95
Bino/Cam Harness
Bino/Cam Harness from $12.95

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